Thursday, June 23, 2011


It seemed like I waited forever. That's the thing about waiting. It feels like that. Like forever.
I learnt a thing or two while I was doing it though:
1. Waiting is stressful
2. Waiting is boring
3. Waiting teaches patience
4. Waiting is best done indoors:
 in a waiting room

This waiting was done in three places.

I have the best friend in the world - who let me wait part of the time in a large flat in her garden. I was alone most of the time. I made new friends:
                                                        the bed
  the fluffy red blanket
  some books
  a couple of grey squirrels
  decaff - cappuccinos
  a cosy trendy deli
  some horses wearing blankets in a green field
  some leafless oaks
  a new meditating me
  my interior room                                     

Later I moved on - not alone anymore, to a cottage in a grassy field in the country outside Greyton. I had my family with me by now, but new friends were waiting, nevertheless:
  a light lit swing bridge at the bottom of a green
  a large lazy river under it.
  a wood fire
  other beds
  a sunny stoep

There were naturally more cappuccinos and lots of mist. There was a misty road out of which overall clad men emerged on bicycles, their startled  eyes glowing in our headlights.

When you are waiting you consciously pass time. You think a lot. You worry. You make Plan A Plan B Plan C...then you stop. And wait.

Our third stop was a suburb house in the city. We carried in bags, wetsuits, books, computers,surfboards and too many suitcases. We planned to stay a while. We unpacked. We were still waiting but we settled in. We stocked the fridge. We introduced our little dog. We made new friends:
 Two sweet black dogs
  some books
  seriously sharp knives
  non-stick pans
  the best bed

And then the waiting stopped. Just like that.

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  1. Just what I needed to hear. I am hoping/trusting waiting is about to end on my side!